Covid19 Conditions

Every Child A Successful Swimmer

  1. Pupils and school teachers to continue to hand-sanitise when entering/exiting the venue
  2. School staff to follow agreed venue procedures – refer to venue risk assessment and walk through/video link
  3. Pupils to arrive beach ready i.e. costume on under their clothes is optional
  4. Pupils to shower at home before school on their swimming day as showers will not be available at the venue
  5. School teachers to help pupils to put on and remove teaching aids
  6. We encourage school staff to continue to wear a face covering in and around the venue including on poolside, and we will fully support any individual who wishes to continue to wear a mask/visor; face coverings make a difference, so please play your part in helping us keep our work environment safe
  7. We encourage all individuals (school staff, pupils and swimming teachers) to continue to be careful and to respect other people’s space
  8. Only pupils that are swimming will be allowed into the venue. Any child that is not swimming must remain in school e.g. forgot their swimming kit
  9. If there is a need to support a pupil in the water on a one-to-one basis then this support should come from the school with an agreed risk assessment in place