Every Child A Successful Swimmer

After a successful trial, we have moved to an online system called Swimphony for all schools swimming with the service. Swimphony is a system that will benefit schools and helps us to deliver the School Swimming programme.

Swimphony is an online system that we are using and therefore schools should not contact Swimphony regarding operational issues such as transport or cancellations; schools should contact us directly. Schools should only contact Swimphony with any technical issues with the Swimphony online system:

Swimphony provides every school with access to their own secure web portal that allows them to upload pupil data and link pupils to their swimming time slots. Schools are able to view a comprehensive suite of reports and exports that allow them to fulfil their obligations to publish their Year 6 National Curriculum outcomes for school swimming. All pupil attendance and attainment data is updated after every lesson when our Swimming Teachers synchronise the Swimphony App. This is a big improvement over the old system of providing schools with results at the end of their swimming lessons. It also makes it easier if a pupil attends ‘top up lessons’ in the future as their attainment data is already in the system from their previous lessons.

To enable this to happen, schools will need to upload pupils onto the system before the start of their swimming. Our swimming teachers will use Swimphony as the register so there will be no need to fill out the old template register Excel document (and eliminates the risk of it being lost on the way to the first lesson). It is important that schools keep pupils information up to date on Swimphony to ensure a safe and effective delivery of the School swimming swimming programme. 

Information Management

We have an information sharing agreement between us and schools that includes what information and how that information is shared using Swimphony.

Swimphony continually monitor the guidance around GDPR compliance and update the features and contractual commitments accordingly, for more information please see

Useful Videos

Introduction to Swimphony for school staff on 10 January 2022 – Meeting recording

Guide to upload pupils onto Swimphony


How do I add a new user?

If you wish to add a new user, for example the class teacher or Head Teacher please follow the guidance below.

You can use the video guide to help you complete this – scroll to 1 minute 20 seconds for further information.

To help, here are some simple steps.

  • Click on the ‘Users’ tab at the top of your screen
  • Select ‘Add New User’ and then input the following:
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Position
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
  • Click on ‘Save Profile’

How do I link the pupils to the correct lesson? 

It is advised that the person responsible for SIMS is most likely the best individual to manage this on behalf of your school.

You can use the video guide to help you complete this – scroll to 14 minutes 10 seconds for further information.

To help, here are some simply steps.

  • Click on the ‘Timetable’ tab at the top of your screen
  • Click on the red ‘Add Pupils’ tab
  • You can use the filter section to select the correct Year group e.g. select Y4 and then click on apply filters. The pupils in this year group will then show on your screen
  • Select the pupils that you wish to add to a lesson
  • Click on the green ‘Link [number] pupils to lesson one’
  • Select OK

How do I find individual distances achieved?

  • Select the pupil Tab
  • Select how you want to filter on left hand side of page (filter by year group / filter by class / filter by gender)
  • Click apply filter
  • Select pupil and click view
  • Scroll down and results should there


When I upload a CSV file of pupil data, not all of the pupils appear on Swimphony.

If you have a blank row between pupils on the CSV files, the pupils below the blank row will not be uploaded. Deleting the blank row(s) will enable the pupils data to be uploaded into Swimphony.

I’m unable to upload the CSV file to Swimphony?

  • check to make sure there are no blank rows between pupils on the CVS files.
  • Check all the column name on CSV file match the heading on Swimphony.
  • Check the file is saved as CSV and not excel.
  • The year group in red/orange must be entered as a number e.g., 5 and not Y5.